Deus Ex GO

Eidos Montreal releases Deus Ex GO Concept Artwork and Screenshots

With the announcement of Deus Ex GO by Eidos Montreal and developed by Square Enix Montreal, they have released two screenshots and two pieces...

Deus Ex Books

Deus Ex: Black Light cover

Deus Ex: Black Light officially announced by Eidos and Titan Books

Eidos Montreal and Titan Books are pleased to announce Deus Ex: Black Light, a novel by Author James Swallow that takes place between the...

Eidos-Montréal and Titan Publishing announce Publishing Deal

Eidos-Montréal announced at San Diego Comic Con that Titan Publishing will be releasing a complete range of products for the acclaimed Deus Ex Universe...

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2016.08.23 – Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
2016.Summer – Deus Ex GO

2016 – Deus Ex: Black Light

2016.06 – Deus Ex Universe #5
2016.06 – Deus Ex Universe TP